Oldest Store Museum

Oldest Store Museum

Live Actors! Over 100,000 Essential Items!

At the Oldest Store Museum in St. Augustine, watch in amazement as our friendly clerks, butcher and snake oil salesman demonstrate the very latest inventions for turn-of-the-century living. Meet the proprietor, Mr. C.F. Hamblen. Step back in time and discover the latest and best time saving miracles from 1900!

• Steam-driven tractors
• Tonics & elixirs
• Farm equipment
• Health underwear
• Worm syrup
• Corn sheller
• Collars & corsets
• Guns & ammunition
• Grain thresher
• Goat powered washing machine
• Bikes & trikes
• Gossip and so much more

Address: 167 San Marco Ave, Saint Augustine, FL 32084

Contact Oldest Store Museum:
Call: 844-388-6452
Visit: http://www.trolleytours.com/st-augustine/oldest-store.asp


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